Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination presents itself in many forms and can come from a number of different sources. The law protects employees from discrimination against age, race, gender, religion, or pregnancy is in the law and if you have been a victim of discrimination, you have TOO MUCH AT STAKE not to seek legal counsel. The attorneys at Brooks, LeBoeuf, Bennett, Foster & Gwartney are dedicated to protecting your rights as an employee. Whether the discrimination comes from supervisors or coworkers you are protected and should never be marginalized because you possess a certain trait.

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination involves the unfair treatment of an employee because of their age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967 protects those over the age of 40 from discrimination in the workplace, in job postings, employment eligibility requirements, benefits and apprenticeships.

Racial Discrimination & Harassment

Race discrimination includes any unfavorable treatment of employees or job applicants because of a person’s race. This also includes discrimination of those married to or associated with a person that possesses such traits or is affiliated with a race-based organization. If you or a loved one has had a problem getting paid, been passed over for promotion, denied a job or assignment, denied benefits or fired because of race or color, please call us.

Harassment can be in the form of racial slurs, derogatory remarks about any race, or racially offensive symbols. The offensive behavior can come from anyone in the workplace whether it be a supervisor, another employee, or a non-employee such as a visitor or customer.

Religious Discrimination

Employees who are treated negatively by their employer or supervisor because of their religion are protected by law. Those who have “closely held” religious beliefs cannot be treated differently and anyone who has suffered loss of wages, harassment, firing, loss of benefits or those who have been passed over for promotions or assignments because of those beliefs can seek damages from their employer under the protection of the law. Whether the harassment comes from a fellow employee, a supervisor, or even a customer or visitor to the business, a hostile work environment is an unacceptable condition that no one should not have to suffer due to their religious beliefs.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy is hard enough. An employee who becomes pregnant, has a child, or has a medical condition related to pregnancy or childbirth should not have to be subjected to discrimination due to their state. As long as a pregnant employee can perform the normal functions of their job they must be allowed to remain in the workplace and perform their duties. And employer cannot deny pay, benefits, leave, or desirable assignments on the basis of a woman’s pregnancy. Likewise, when applying for a job, a woman who is asked if she is pregnant or plans to become pregnant and is denied employment based on that question should seek legal counsel.

Gender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Under State and Federal law it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee or a job applicant based on their gender or even their sexual preference. Discrimination can come in the form of denial of pay raises or promotions, passed over for desirable assignments, loss of wages, firing or refusal to hire. If any of this happens because of the employee’s gender or sexual orientation, it is discrimination. Whether the discrimination is intentional or there are policies or actions of the employer that are unintentional, the law protects you as an employee. Frequent and severe harassment causes a hostile work environment and no one should have to endure it at their place of employment.