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6 Bicycling Tips to Keep You Safe While Enjoying the Ride
Bicycling is a great way to exercise and have fun. It’s also an increasingly preferred mode of productive transportation, with cities and towns across the country carving out bike lanes as a way to relieve traffic congestion and reduce pollution. Bicycles are also a responsibility. In most places, bikes are considered vehicles under the law, […]
2018 Freedom Scholarship Winner Announced
We are pleased to announce that Jillian Richardson, a recent graduate of Wakulla High School, has become the eighteenth recipient of our firm’s annual freedom scholarship essay contest.  Each year, our essay contest has grown more popular with students throughout Leon, Wakulla, Gadsden and Jefferson counties. In an effort to promote education and awareness of […]
How to Be a Compassionate Employer Without Crossing the Line
There are as many approaches to managing employees as there are managers. But perhaps the best way to earn the respect of your employees, and motivate optimal productivity among them, is to show workplace compassion. Millennials, for example, often get a bad rap for being selfish. Contrary to that stigma, studies show that Millennials are […]
Signs of Discrimination Against Dads at Work
Imagine working for a company for twenty years and receiving positive performance reviews, only to be fired because your spouse was stricken with cancer and you became less available to work outside the normal nine-to-five workday. Increased caregiving responsibilities compounded with the demands of raising children are of little concern to your long-time employer. You’re […]
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a Global Epidemic Hits Home
The abuse of vulnerable people is unacceptable at any stage of life. But one group that is often overlooked is the elderly. Elder abuse can be a single or repeated act of abuse, or a lack of appropriate actions taken to provide for an aging person’s basic human needs. It can occur within any relationship […]
Scott Gwartney’s Mission Trip
Scott Gwartney was recently on a mission trip. Mr. Gwartney led a mission team to the Amazon River Basin as part of his longstanding work with A Doctors Heart. A Doctors Heart has teamed up with the Parker family ministry, SEARA, for about 10 years, annually providing both medical and building teams to assist the […]
The Winning Essay for the 2018 Freedom Scholarship
The Winning Essay for the 2018 Freedom Scholarship As someone who has lived in America for my entire life, it is difficult to imagine what life would be like without the Bill of Rights. The freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights are integral to our society, and it’s absurd to think that other societies […]