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Is Obstruction of Justice a Big Deal in Florida?
There are more reports than ever before showing that Florida citizens may be in danger of “obstruction of justice”. Before we can decide whether or not obstruction of justice is a big deal in Florida, we should first understand what exactly it is. An abbreviated version of obstruction of justice from the Florida Statutes include […]
How to Keep Children Safe When They Play Sports
Sports play a crucial role in your children’s healthy growth, both physically and mentally. It also improves their teamwork skills, makes them more friendly, develops stronger muscles, and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. While we know they may not be able to go outside the house to engage in sports-related activities with their friends […]
Are Fake IDs a Big Deal in Florida?
Adults who are under the age of 21 can drive and serve in the military, but they cannot drink alcohol. For college students or anyone else below the age of 21, the idea of getting alcohol by using fake IDs gives them an adrenaline rush and is something they may be considering. As a parent, […]
Can My Child Be Held in Jail and For How Long?
If your child has been arrested, we know it can be a terrifying time. It does matter if your child is arrested close to you or at his or her college. These are stressful times and you need local representatives that you can trust. Did you know, in most instances, a person who is below […]
Are Employers Doing Enough to Protect LGBTQ Rights in Florida?
Did you know Florida is one of the 30 states in the US that does not have any law in place to protect the LGBTQ community against discrimination? None of the anti-discrimination laws prohibit employers from firing their employees or turning away customers based on their sexual orientation. Supporters of the LGBTQ community have been […]