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3 Mistakes Employers Should Avoid During COVID-19
In many ways, COVID-19 has turned the business world upside down. Large-scale disruptions, government social distancing mandates, and individual safety precautions have all impacted businesses in an unprecedented fashion. Are you aware of the new pitfalls facing entrepreneurs and employers as they forge ahead during these difficult times? Accordingly, let us take a moment to […]
Tips for Driving Again After COVID-19 Lockdowns are Lifted
Nothing lasts forever.  Just ask U.S. environmentalists, who celebrated when pollution eased during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Did you know that, once the federal and state governments began to lift travel restrictions, Americans hit the road in droves? For example, a significant increase in vehicular use in the New York metropolitan area occurred in mid-May. A […]
An Increased Risk of Human Trafficking During COVID-19
Some call it modern day slavery. Authorities call it human trafficking. Sometimes it is referred more specifically as sex trafficking. Any or all of these terms can be used to describe the pervasive activity crooks engage in to obtain illicit labor or facilitate commercial sex acts. Did you know that there is now a fear […]
What You Need to Know About Employee Discrimination During LGBTQ Month
Did you know that, back in 2016, President Barack Obama officially designated June of that year as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, or LGBTQ Pride Month?  In his presidential proclamation, he urged Congress to continue passing laws to protect LGBTQ people in the workplace. In doing so, he noted that, “no one should live in […]
Recognizing and Heeding the Warning Signs of Elder Abuse
Did you know that June is officially designated as World Elder Abuse Awareness Month, and June 15 is designated as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day? Created in 2006, the annual campaign underscores the plight of seniors experiencing abuse, neglect, and exploitation.  As an adult child of aging parents, you may experience role reversal. While you […]
Bringing Nursing Home Issues to Light Right Here in Tallahassee
There is no question that the Coronavirus is taking its toll on all Americans, and even those right here in Tallahassee. No family has escaped the impact and we all have stories we can share that we will remember for generations to come. Perhaps most alarming, is the impact this widespread pandemic has had on […]
Looking Out for Florida Kids During Children’s Awareness Month
Not all that long ago, 73.7 million children under age 18 called the United States of America home. Experts have predicted that number will top 74 million this year. Of the total number, approximately 4.1 million kids less than 18 years of age live in Florida. Not only do children represent a significant portion of […]
June is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month
Did you know according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, approximately 8 million people in the United States are now living with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD?  The trouble is, most of them do not get help even though available treatment does work. Each year, the month of June is designated as a time […]