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Month: October 2020

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Tips to Stay Safe If You Choose To Take Your Children Trick-or-Treating
As we are all adjusting to what appears to be the “new normal” imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are wondering if they should allow their children to go trick-or-treating on Halloween this year, and, if so, how can they keep everyone as safe as possible? Are you considering trick-or-treating for your children this […]
Deciding Your Employment Policy When it Comes to Voting this Year
As Election Day draws closer, have you, as an employer, revisited your employment policy with respect to voting or considered establishing them if none are in place?  This may be especially important in the time of COVID-19 where in-person voting may be too risky for the employees.  Generally, employers should always have a plan on […]
Tips for You During National School Bus Safety Week
Have you heard that National School Bus Safety Week takes place in the third week of October? This year, it will run from October 19-23, 2020. For many years, National School Bus Safety Week, promoted by the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT), has provided an opportunity for students who ride buses, parents of students, […]
Balancing Employee Rights with Employee Privacy During COVID
Have you considered how to balance employee rights with employee privacy during COVID-19? These unprecedented times have raised many interesting and complex concerns. During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees returning to work may have privacy concerns about providing extensive health information to employers. Likewise, employers may worry about balancing employees’ privacy rights against health and safety […]
How We Can Help Our Community This National Crime Prevention Month
Did you know that October is National Crime Prevention Month? Since its inception in the 1980s, this month has focused on ways to prevent and reduce incidents of crime across the United States. This year, several broad themes will be the focus of the month, highlighting different types of crime that may fly under the […]
National Substance Abuse Prevention Month
This October we observe National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. Do you have a loved one that struggles with substance abuse? You are not alone. Many Americans have family, friends, and other loved ones who are in the midst of the same struggle. Substance abuse can take many forms, including underage alcohol use, alcohol dependency at […]