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How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help a College Athlete?
Facing criminal charges is daunting for anyone; it can be particularly daunting for college athletes, who often face additional sanctions by college administrators and athletic departments. Have you considered the fact that a college athlete accused of a crime might be suspended from all sports-related activities during the investigation, and a conviction of a serious […]
Will I Go to Jail?
Have you been accused of a crime? If so, you are probably worried about spending time in jail and the other possible consequences of a conviction. These worries are common for people facing criminal charges. Understanding the likelihood of jail time depends on several factors.  The terms, jail and prison, may often be used interchangeably, […]
Do You Know What a Personal Injury is in Florida?
Did you know that bodily injury and personal injury can have different meanings depending on context? In a legal context, “bodily injury” is most often found in criminal proceedings, referring to someone who has been the victim of a crime. “Personal injury” is used in civil court claims, and includes all of the costs incurred […]
Do You Know the Difference Between DUI and DWI in Florida?
Do you know the difference between DUI and DWI in Florida? We often hear the terms DUI and DWI associated with being charged with driving drunk or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While some U.S. states have laws regarding both DUI and DWI, in which there are different parameters for charging and different […]
Updates on Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines for Employees
As the COVID-19 vaccines continues to roll out, have you considered whether you will mandate the vaccine for your employees? If so, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has recently released some important guidance on this very topic. The guidance makes it clear that mandating and implementing a COVID-19 vaccination program for employees may have […]
Will I Be Able to Visit My Loved One in a Nursing Home This Year?
The Covid-19 pandemic that took over much of 2020 dealt a particularly tough blow to those of us with loved ones residing in nursing homes or other facilities geared toward the aging. Our elderly loved ones may look forward to our visits and depend on them for socialization and connection to the outside world. For […]
We Are Here for You During the Pandemic
Are you in need of legal representation during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic? If so, you may be concerned about whether you will have the same number of attorneys to choose from to handle your case, if your chosen attorney will be prepared to assist you with what you need despite health and safety restrictions in […]
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