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5 Water Safety Tips for This Memorial Day
Can you believe that we are already approaching the halfway mark in 2021? Memorial Day will be here in the blink of an eye. After the challenging year of 2020, Memorial Day celebrations are sure to include a bevy of friends and family. Will your gathering include a pool, lake or other water? If so, […]
Tips on Recording a Police Encounter
Over the last few years, we have seen that bystander videos can be a critical element in documenting and exposing police misconduct. If you are confronted by the police or come upon a situation you believe merits recording, would you know how to handle it? Let us review some tips on recording a police encounter.  […]
Can Your Personal Computer be Seized?
From Dateline, to Netflix documentaries, to CSI, television has certainly shown us the role computers play in criminal investigations. So, can your personal computer be seized? It can. Let us discuss how it can be seized and what happens to the computer after seizure.  If the police are investigating you for any crime where evidence […]
Can Your Employer Require You to Get a Covid Vaccine?
It has been an unprecedented year for many reasons. The pandemic has generated many unknowns for countless people in the U.S. and across the globe. With the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, it seems that more offices and workspaces are resuming business as usual. After working from home for a year, however, bosses and employees […]
Steps to Take If You Are Fired for Marijuana Use
Did you know that, despite an increasing number of states legalizing medical marijuana, it remains a “schedule 1” narcotic at the federal level? This conflict in state and federal law has caused problems for employers and employees, sometimes resulting in the unfair firing of a good employee. If you have been fired for marijuana use, […]
New Bill May Allow Your Florida Marijuana Conviction To Be Erased
Did you know that lawmakers in Florida are considering a bill, Senate Bill 468, that would allow some convictions for marijuana to be erased? Citizens with even the most minor of marijuana convictions are left with a stain of that conviction on their record for many years. This may prohibit them from obtaining their desired […]