Hurricane season for the Atlantic seaboard runs from June 1st to November 30th. Are you and your loved ones prepared? It can be stressful when the weather is uncertain. Though most storms can be harmless, the weather can turn sour at any moment. But, despite this uncertainty there are key steps that can be taken […]
In an ever-corporate world where grabbing a Starbucks and placing an Amazon order is as natural as breathing to many people, there are still some local options that remain the wiser choice. Did you know local law firms fall into the wiser choice category? Let us discuss why you need a local law firm you […]
Did you know that the first Patient Bill of Rights was drafted by the American Hospital Association in the early 1970s? The goal was to empower patients in their medical care. Since then, several similar measures have been adopted at both the federal and state levels. The most recent federal version passed in 2010 as […]
Did you know that, to be considered an uninsured motorist in Florida, you must not have auto insurance or a policy that does not meet the minimum of $10,000.00 bodily injury coverage per person and $20,000.00 per accident? According to the Information Institute, Florida has the lowest auto insurance coverage requirements in the entire country. […]
With all of us finally seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, parties are being scheduled, people are traveling, and the world seems to be moving again. While this is great news, it also means that pets will again be spending time alone at home. Did you know that half a million […]
Do you get anxious at the thought of placing a parent or a loved one in a nursing home? You may worry about whether you have chosen a safe facility for your loved one and whether your loved one will feel at home. How do you avoid nursing home injury and find good care? Consider […]
You may be wondering what happens at a DUI checkpoint. After all, the police need a reason to stop your car in the first place in order to check whether you are driving under the influence, right? Actually, according to the United States Supreme Court, a police officer usually has to have probable cause to […]
Did you know that the Covid-19 pandemic saw an increase in human trafficking, including child trafficking, for many reasons? While human trafficking has been complicated for decades due to technology, which often increases the ability of traffickers to prey on the most vulnerable in our society, the economic difficulties faced by families worldwide due to […]
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