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There is no question that the Coronavirus is taking its toll on all Americans, and even those right here in Tallahassee. No family has escaped the impact and we all have stories we can share that we will remember for generations to come. Perhaps most alarming, is the impact this widespread pandemic has had on our family members and loved ones who currently reside in skilled nursing homes.

Luckily, our own attorney Scott Gwartney is staying abreast of these minute-by-minute changes and working hard to ensure everyone has the representation they deserve. If you missed it at the end of last week, this is the link to Mr. Gwartney’s article in Tallahassee’s WCTV that was also in the print edition of the Tallahassee Democrat.

Earlier in the month, WCTV shared the news of a fifth Coronavirus death connected to the Tallahassee Developmental Center. Mr. Gwartney shared that “Dylan Johnson is a profoundly disabled young man. He has intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities. That is why he has been at the Tallahassee Development Center since 2017.

What is shocking about that episode, is that the injuries came at the hand of staff members, specifically from the house supervisor. I see this as long-term care litigation. Looking at the issues of COVID-19 at TDC, other media have reported a combination of residents and staff, 70 who have been positive. I have seen the memo that staff is not to wear the face mask. Is it any wonder that this virus has run rampant through TDC?” 

It is further reported that “the suit alleges that despite a declared state of emergency in Florida, Pensacola Care Incorporated and the Quest Management Group failed to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on behalf of vulnerable residents at TDC.” We know you may have questions about this suit. WCTV shares that “a PDF file of the lawsuit has been attached to this article. Desktop users can find the PDF at the top right section of the page, while mobile users can find it at the bottom.”

Mr. Gwartney also sheds more light on Dylan’s case when he shares “he was forced to endure so much. These are disabled people without many options. He was so scared. These are people that matter. We have got to insist as a community that our caregivers provide good care to these people. Dylan Johnson matters.” 

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