Can a DUI Be Reduced to a Reckless Driving Charge?

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Being charged with a DUI is a serious charge, which can result in many trickle-down implications. Did you know that it can not only damage your personal reputation, but also result in the loss of employment and make it difficult to obtain future employment? Your driving license and other professional licenses, such as a nursing license, may be subject to revocation or suspension. You may find yourself subject to a mandatory ignition interlock and unable to obtain automobile insurance. On top of this, you certainly should not forget the possibility of going to jail. 

If you are charged with a DUI, you may be wondering if there are any legal options, which can assist you with avoiding the DUI charge, allowing you to move forward with your life. In many states, a DUI can be pleaded down to a reckless driving charge, which is a less serious offense. 

Hiring a criminal defense attorney at the outset of being charged can allow them to leap into action, immediately investigating and challenging the circumstances surrounding the arrest for the DUI. Breathalyzer test results can also be challenged on several grounds from improper police operation, to faulty equipment, to a physiological reason your results were not accurate. A well-versed attorney, familiar with the local court and prosecutor will know which defenses have the highest probability of getting the charge reduced. 

If you are currently facing a DUI charge, the Covid-19 pandemic may create an even more favorable environment for negotiation. Due to the unprecedented backlog on all court dockets, prosecutors may be willing to negotiate on most cases in order to close their file without the need to go to trial.

It can be important to understand that part of pleading to a reckless driving charge will typically include an agreement to pay court fees, perform community service, and attend substance abuse classes. Following completion of the agreed upon terms, however, you can resume life as normal without the burdens associated with a DUI on your record. You may even have the reckless driving charge expunged from your record at some point. 

If you have been charged with a DUI, do not despair. Getting a qualified criminal defense attorney on your side as soon as possible may be the ticket to avoiding the more serious charge of a DUI, offering you a second chance. We are your local, experienced, law firm! Do not hesitate to call, chat or click here to contact us today!