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See Ryan Hobbs in the Tallahassee Democrat!
Did you know our own attorney Ryan Hobbs was featured in the Tallahassee Democrat again last week? The article, Former Taylor County Plant Worker Warned of Explosion Risk, written by Karl Etters of the Tallahassee Democrat. The article shares: “A former employee of a Taylor County less-than-lethal weapons manufacturing plant warned higher-ups that an explosion, […]
How to Be a Compassionate Employer Without Crossing the Line
There are as many approaches to managing employees as there are managers. But perhaps the best way to earn the respect of your employees, and motivate optimal productivity among them, is to show workplace compassion. Millennials, for example, often get a bad rap for being selfish. Contrary to that stigma, studies show that Millennials are […]
Signs of Discrimination Against Dads at Work
Imagine working for a company for twenty years and receiving positive performance reviews, only to be fired because your spouse was stricken with cancer and you became less available to work outside the normal nine-to-five workday. Increased caregiving responsibilities compounded with the demands of raising children are of little concern to your long-time employer. You’re […]
Tips for When Your Employer Does Not Have Maternity Leave
Today, the United States lags behind other countries when it comes to paid maternity leave. This is an unfortunate reality that many mothers face.  If you are expecting a child but your employer does not have maternity leave available, let us share a few tips to help you.   1. If your company has 50 […]
Should You Ask Your Employer to Bring Your Child to Work?
If you are a parent, there may come a time when you will need to bring your child into work. Your nanny may be sick, the daycare may unexpectedly close for the day or you may receive a call from your child’s school. While some companies openly invite new mothers to bring newborns into the […]
How Do I Protect Myself From Sexual Assault at Work
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This cause strives to bring public awareness to and shed light on sexual assault.  One of the goals of the outreach during this month is to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual assault at work.   While as a society we continue to make strides to […]
3 Real World Examples of Employment Discrimination
Employment discrimination is still a common and recurring theme within the workplace. It can come in many forms, be extremely overt, quietly subtle, or fall somewhere in between. If a member of a protected class is treated differently than his or her peers without proper cause, however, employment discrimination may be at play.   Do […]
What to Do If You Are Facing A Hostile Work Environment
A hostile work environment can be extremely uncomfortable. It can also be infuriating and unproductive, whether you, as the victim, are an employee or employer. Do you know the definition of a hostile work environment? Are you able to recognize when the behavior in your workplace rises to a level that is discriminatory in nature? […]
Tough Love! Don’t Let Employees Slide on Work Responsibilities
Many of the best company cultures result from the relationships employees form with each other.  While lunch breaks and office happy hours can be a natural part of work relationships, it is equally important to make sure friendship does not overshadow work responsibilities.  No matter how strong the friendships are between employees or how incredible […]
Employee Bad Behavior! Do You Need to Avoid Happy Hour?
Many workplaces celebrate together with a Friday happy hour. Outside activities, such as team retreats, happy hours, and community projects, can allow you to build a stronger team. Through participating together you can form new relationships, cultivate existing partnerships, strengthen your overall team foundation, and build better communication. These are the shared goals for most […]