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Help Brooks & LeBoeuf Stop Human Trafficking!
Human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, or deception. This exploitation includes sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. It is easy to believe that this heinous crime is limited […]
4 Tips for Bath Safety for Young Children
Bath safety for young children is a serious matter. Year after year, bath time horror stories circulate the news. Babies drown, children slip and fall, and significant injuries occur when children are left unattended. While sometimes these instances are insignificant, the smallest amount of water can be extremely dangerous to a young child under the […]
Courage Through Cancer is a not-for-profit support network for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. It is a Christian ministry that offers compassionate care in many forms to assist cancer patients of all ages and all stages of cancer so that they know that they do not have to suffer alone. We are pleased that […]
Last week attorneys Matt Foster and Dean LeBoeuf attended a special luncheon for Young Life in which Mr. Foster is a board member. Mr. Foster and Mr. LeBoeuf were honored to attend event which featured FSU Baseball coach Mike Martin, who spoke about his experiences with Young Life as a member and as a Coach. […]
The law firm of Brooks, LeBoeuf, Bennett, Foster & Gwartney created the Freedom Scholarship essay contest to assist students in achieving their educational goals while encouraging patriotism. Through the years, we have been fortunate to meet some of the brightest high school students in our area. We are very proud of their accomplishments and are […]
On each of our attorney’s pages you will see a button like this       which will take you to the attorney’s profile page on You may ask, “What is Avvo and why should I care?” Avvo is a leading website in the United States to find information on lawyers. It is a way for clients […]
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