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What Happens at a DUI Checkpoint?
You may be wondering what happens at a DUI checkpoint. After all, the police need a reason to stop your car in the first place in order to check whether you are driving under the influence, right? Actually, according to the United States Supreme Court, a police officer usually has to have probable cause to […]
Did you know that, under a new Florida bill recently passed in both the state House and Senate, crime victims will be allowed to present “reliable hearsay” as evidence in their cases, when they are seeking restitution for lost or damaged property? It is up to the governor whether to sign off on the legislation, […]
Can Your Personal Computer be Seized?
From Dateline, to Netflix documentaries, to CSI, television has certainly shown us the role computers play in criminal investigations. So, can your personal computer be seized? It can. Let us discuss how it can be seized and what happens to the computer after seizure.  If the police are investigating you for any crime where evidence […]
Steps to Take If You Are Fired for Marijuana Use
Did you know that, despite an increasing number of states legalizing medical marijuana, it remains a “schedule 1” narcotic at the federal level? This conflict in state and federal law has caused problems for employers and employees, sometimes resulting in the unfair firing of a good employee. If you have been fired for marijuana use, […]
New Bill May Allow Your Florida Marijuana Conviction To Be Erased
Did you know that lawmakers in Florida are considering a bill, Senate Bill 468, that would allow some convictions for marijuana to be erased? Citizens with even the most minor of marijuana convictions are left with a stain of that conviction on their record for many years. This may prohibit them from obtaining their desired […]
Four Reasons Why You Need A Tallahassee Criminal Defense Attorney
Navigating the criminal justice system on your own without the guidance of a trained and experienced criminal defense attorney may have significant consequences, including loss of legal rights.  If you have been arrested for a crime in Tallahassee, or are even just under investigation for a crime in Tallahassee, here are four reasons why you […]
What Are the Top Three DUI Arrest Charges in Florida?
When it comes to driving under the influence, a DUI conviction in the State of Florida can be serious business. Do you know how the top three DUI arrest charges in Florida work? Let us discuss them and how they can create a lifetime of problems. First Offense. In Florida, DUIs are charged by the […]
How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help a College Athlete?
Facing criminal charges is daunting for anyone; it can be particularly daunting for college athletes, who often face additional sanctions by college administrators and athletic departments. Have you considered the fact that a college athlete accused of a crime might be suspended from all sports-related activities during the investigation, and a conviction of a serious […]
Will I Go to Jail?
Have you been accused of a crime? If so, you are probably worried about spending time in jail and the other possible consequences of a conviction. These worries are common for people facing criminal charges. Understanding the likelihood of jail time depends on several factors.  The terms, jail and prison, may often be used interchangeably, […]
Tips on Helping Ensure Interactions with Law Enforcement are Safe
Being pulled over, detained or questioned by law enforcement can be an intimidating experience. Have you thought about how to keep yourself safe, should you find yourself in such a situation? Let us go over some tips to follow to help ensure interactions with law enforcement are safe.  The number one rule for safety may […]