Category: Employment Discrimination

Are There ‘Illegal’ Job Interview Questions?
When applying for a job, prospective employers may use the interview process to identify ideal candidates and eventually choose who they think is the best fit for the job. Any number of questions and interview techniques may be used to explore the strengths and weaknesses of each job seeker. Did you know, however, that there […]
American Disabilities Act (ADA) Basics You Need to Know
The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is a landmark act of Congress that has helped millions of people who face daily challenges most of us will never understand. Passed in 1990, the civil rights legislation officially prohibited discrimination against people with disabilities. The ADA’s underlying purpose is simple: It ensures that people with disabilities […]
Is it Wise to Use Your Family Medical Leave?
Millions of working Americans rely on family and medical leave from their jobs to take care of themselves, their loved ones and to raise their children, all without being fired. But on balance, how wise is it to take leave? In 1993, Congress passed a landmark labor law called the Family and Medical Leave Act. […]
Did the Color of My Skin Prevent Me from Getting a Job?
When interviewing for a job, arriving on time, being well-dressed, and prepared with resume in hand is the minimum of what it takes to land an employment opportunity. Being objectively qualified and knocking the interview out of the park dramatically increases the chances of getting hired, but it’s still no guarantee. When this happens over […]
Is My Employer Racially Profiling Me?
Few things are as morally reprehensible as racial discrimination. The United States has a long, complicated history with the issue of race, and society has indeed come a long way. Despite the progress we have made together, racial discrimination, and racial profiling, still persists. Racial profiling is the undue suspicion or targeting of a person […]
Signs of Discrimination Against Dads at Work
Imagine working for a company for twenty years and receiving positive performance reviews, only to be fired because your spouse was stricken with cancer and you became less available to work outside the normal nine-to-five workday. Increased caregiving responsibilities compounded with the demands of raising children are of little concern to your long-time employer. You’re […]
Tips for When Your Employer Does Not Have Maternity Leave
Today, the United States lags behind other countries when it comes to paid maternity leave. This is an unfortunate reality that many mothers face.  If you are expecting a child but your employer does not have maternity leave available, let us share a few tips to help you.   1. If your company has 50 […]
Should You Ask Your Employer to Bring Your Child to Work?
If you are a parent, there may come a time when you will need to bring your child into work. Your nanny may be sick, the daycare may unexpectedly close for the day or you may receive a call from your child’s school. While some companies openly invite new mothers to bring newborns into the […]
Learn More About the Opioid Crisis from Ryan Hobbs
Our own attorney Ryan Hobbs’ opinion piece was just featured in the Tallahassee Democrat! It is titled Time to Hold Big Pharma Responsible for the Opioid Crisis.  You can read the full article by clicking this link. Ryan is representing the mental health entities together with Oscar Price of the Price Armstrong firm in Birmingham, Alabama. […]
Racial Discrimination Is Real, Even When It Is Subtle
While our society continues to make positive strides in recent years, racism and racial discrimination is still prevalent in the workplace. While it may be less obvious and less overt, it still occurs. We understand this is a continuing concern and see it in the cases we help our clients face.   The key is […]