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How Do I Protect Myself From Sexual Assault at Work
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This cause strives to bring public awareness to and shed light on sexual assault.  One of the goals of the outreach during this month is to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual assault at work.   While as a society we continue to make strides to […]
3 Real World Examples of Employment Discrimination
Employment discrimination is still a common and recurring theme within the workplace. It can come in many forms, be extremely overt, quietly subtle, or fall somewhere in between. If a member of a protected class is treated differently than his or her peers without proper cause, however, employment discrimination may be at play.   Do […]
How To Identify If You Are In An Abusive Work Environment
An unfortunate reality facing many employees today is that bullying may not be limited to your teenage years. Instead, those bullies grow up and can turn into abusive bosses, catty co-workers and degrading employees.   While abusive work environments come in all shapes and sizes, each can have a significant impact on you. Do you […]
It’s Your Right to Say NO to Sexual Harassment at Work
Sexual harassment at work, unfortunately, still happens far too frequently. While it is often a situation that occurs between men and women, it can happen to anyone by anyone. Especially in the workplace, sexual harassment can emphasize the power struggle between superior and subordinate. It is important for you to know you can say no […]
What Should I Do If I Face a Discrimination Claim?
Employers face challenges each day. From hiring the right people for the job to training them for their position to evaluating their ongoing performance, there is much to do in the management of the workplace each day. Management tools, such as processes and manuals, can help employers educate, manage and evaluate their employees.     […]
Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr., and Why Do We Celebrate?
Each year, on the third Monday of January, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. Who was Martin Luther King, Jr., though and why do we celebrate?   Although schools are closed and some employers give employees the day off, the true meaning of this holiday and who was Martin Luther King is often overlooked. ​ This […]
What are Signs of Racial Discrimination in the Workplace?
Signs of racial discrimination in the workplace are prevalent in many work environments today. While employment laws have advanced and employees are more familiar with their rights today, as a society there is still much to accomplish.   Racial discrimination occurs when an employer discriminates against an employee based on race or national heritage. Examples […]