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Caregiving Tips for Special Needs Family Caregivers
Being a caregiver is one of the most selfless roles there is. As a family caregiver, carrying out this role can be both a satisfying and overwhelming responsibility. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in four American adults have a disability that impacts major daily activities. Also, one in five children suffers from […]
4 Ways to Protect Your Special Needs Child This Month
The month of October is National Special Needs Law Month. During this month, attorneys come together to brainstorm on solutions, ideas, resources, and advocacy work to find ways to continue to help those who are impacted by disability. As a legal community, lawyers work together with advocates, family members, caregivers, and health care providers, to […]
American Disabilities Act (ADA) Basics You Need to Know
The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is a landmark act of Congress that has helped millions of people who face daily challenges most of us will never understand. Passed in 1990, the civil rights legislation officially prohibited discrimination against people with disabilities. The ADA’s underlying purpose is simple: It ensures that people with disabilities […]
Steps to Take If You Suspect Your Disabled Child Has Been Harmed
One of the worst moments for the parent of a disabled child is when he or she discovers or suspects his or her child has been harmed at school. As a parent of a school-age child with disabilities, you place your trust in the teachers, administration, and support staff who will be caring for your […]
Care Considerations to Discuss with Your Child’s School
We know how important it is for your child’s special needs to be addressed by his or her care provider. Whether it is at his or her school, care program, or daily activities, it is essential that your child’s care plan is addressed. Without establishing the details of the care that is needed, your child […]
Tips for Ensuring the Safety of Your Child with Special Needs
Nothing is more important than ensuring your child with special needs is safe. When your child faces disabilities of any kind, as a parent, family member, or friend, it is incumbent on you to make sure he or she is as safe as possible. While within the home environment most things facing your child can […]