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If your child has been accused of a serious criminal offense in the state of Florida it is important to speak with an experienced attorney immediately. At Brooks, LeBoeuf, Bennett, Foster & Gwartney, P.A., we’re ready to discuss the decisions that need to be made to protect your child and your child’s future including Teen Court or another diversion program. Our experienced Tallahassee juvenile defense lawyers know what the stakes are in these cases and can ensure that this arrest has a minimum impact on our clients.

Your family does not have to face this legal matter without a knowledgeable advocate in their corner. Contact us today to request a free consultation with our team.


The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Brooks, LeBoeuf, Bennett, Foster & Gwartney are dedicated to protecting the rights of any juvenile who has been charged with a serious criminal offense in Florida. While minors can be charged with any offense described in our criminal statutes, there are certain offenses that are more common than others in these cases.

Offenses juveniles are often charged with include:

  • Petit larceny (theft)
  • Trespassing
  • Marijuana possession
  • Drug possession
  • Assault and/or battery
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Criminal mischief (vandalism)

As attorneys, our legal counselors are trained to evaluate each individual situation to determine the best possible solution in a case. As parents, we are aware of the consequences a juvenile record or possible incarceration could have on your child’s future and know the anxiety involved in situations like this. YOUR CHILD HAS TOO MUCH AT STAKE not to be protected by an effective legal counsel.

We’re prepared to help your family confront these charges. Call our offices at (850) 222-2000 today to start exploring your defense options.


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