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At Brooks, LeBoeuf, Foster, Gwartney, Leace & Hobbs, P.A., our team is experienced in litigating claims against insurers of homeowners and business owners. Our attorneys have handled claims involving reduced or denied claims under your own coverage. If your insurance company is refusing to pay you for your losses as a result of a fire or water intrusion, we may be able to help you.

Fight for the coverage you deserve. Contact our Tallahassee insurance lawyers today to start discussing your dispute.


When we pay into an insurance policy, we do so with the understanding that, should we need financial relief, we will have the resulting coverage we need. Often, policyholders have no trouble accessing their coverage but—in too many cases—insurance providers resist paying the rightful coverage they owe in order to protect their bottom line. Simply put: The fewer claims they honor and payout, the greater their profits.

If you are experiencing trouble with any of the following, contact us today:

  • Fire or Water Damage Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Business Owner’s Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Long-term Disability Insurance

If you are experiencing resistance from your provider on any of these types of policies, our firm is ready to hear from you. Our initial consultation is always free of charge, and we can often force the insurance company to pay all of our fees and costs.

Insurance companies do not always get the final word in these disputes.Contact us today to request your free case evaluation.

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