Why You Need a Local Law Firm in 2020

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As life experience often proves, bigger isn’t always better. In fact, when it comes to choosing the right law firm for you, a decision that can have life-altering consequences, local firms come with distinct advantages over larger, out-of-town firms.

Law firms with national and international reach are often defined by national and international issues. That’s great if you’re a Fortune 500 company or global organization, but not so much for someone with local concerns. Local law firms are uniquely suited for disputes involving laws that were crafted to reflect the needs of area residents because their attorneys are area residents. In other words, what makes sense in New York City, might not apply to Topeka, Kansas.

People who hire national firms are also paying for notoriety. Notoriety does not necessarily win a case. It does not guarantee efficiency or results, but it almost certainly guarantees expensive attorneys’ fees. Lawyers from the community can make sure your money is put to work effectively. A local lawyer can guide you with a personal touch making sure you get the outcome you desire. You will not feel like just a number. Local law firms will not allow your case to be lost in the shuffle of a distant brand name.

When was the last time someone with a fancy telephone number sponsored your kids little league team?  How many times have you seen them at the Chamber of Commerce? All lawyers are supposed to understand the law, but not all lawyers understand you and your loved ones and the community you live in.

It’s further important to recognize the value of local relationships. Lawyers from smaller, more localized firms are not only well-acquainted with their legal communities and the laws impacting them, but they frequently participate in organizations and events that make them influential in ways that out-of-town firms can’t buy. For example, a lawyer who participates in their area bar association, Chamber of Commerce and perhaps the local youth sports league will have a much more developed network of relationships to leverage on a client’s behalf.

We encourage you to experience the difference. Contact our law office now, or anytime throughout the year, to schedule a free case evaluation with our experienced local attorneys.