3 Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Protect You After Sustaining a Brain Injury

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Did you know over five million people in the United States live with a brain injury related disability and almost three million people per year suffer a brain injury? Personal injury attorneys can play an important role in both protecting brain injury victims and preventing many people from ever becoming a victim of a brain injury. Let us take a look at three ways personal injury attorneys can work to protect you.

  • Assist you in obtaining treatment from a brain injury specialist. One of the unfortunate things a person with a brain injury often discovers can be that getting treatment may be quite difficult. Oftentimes, the symptoms of the brain injury, which may include headaches, general malaise, difficulty concentrating, and mood swings, can be misdiagnosed or dismissed. A personal injury attorney who regularly works with victims of brain injury may be connected with the brain injury specialists in the area, allowing them to secure an appointment with the right doctor, who can provide the appropriate testing and treatment for a brain injury.          
  • Getting you just compensation. Brain injuries can be devastating. A person with a traumatic brain injury may appear physically normal, leading people to speculate that nothing is wrong with the person, while he or she may have an entire life impacted by the brain injury, including the ability to work. A personal injury attorney can have the know-how to investigate the incident which caused the brain injury, build a strong case on behalf of the victim, and negotiate a just settlement with the insurance company, who may otherwise deny the claim or offer an outrageously low sum to settle it. 
  • Holding defendants accountable for negligent acts, which lead to brain injuries. In most instances, brain injuries are caused by negligent and preventable acts. Personal injury attorneys who bring awareness to these negligent acts and hold defendants, especially large corporations, accountable for the negligence can be effective in forcing these defendants to make safety changes, which can prevent the devastating incident in the first place.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a brain injury, reaching out to a personal injury attorney with experience with traumatic brain injuries can ease some of the burden, allowing a focus on recovery. Our experienced team of local attorneys is here to answer your questions. We know local experience matters! For more information, please reach out to our office. You may call, chat, or contact us at any time. Put our team to work for you!