If you’ve recently been involved in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, finding the best motorcycle accident lawyer is essential to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. In accidents, motorcyclists are usually more vulnerable than the other drivers and often face challenges when it comes to receiving fair compensation. In this article, we […]
School Commute Safety Reminders
No matter what it looks like for your family, the school year can be an exciting time. Though school has already begun it is never too late to sit down with our children and review how they can stay safe while traveling to and from campus.   Pedestrian Safety  The school year leads to busier roads […]
4 Ways To Protect Yourself From UV Rays
From promoting SPF products to sharing their beauty routines, anyone with a social media account has seen the wave of influencers and skin care experts alike using their platforms to highlight the benefits of protecting our skin from the sun. Though the current trendiness of wearing sunscreen may make it tempting to brush off as […]
4 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer
Summer in the south brings warmer temperatures that will only continue to rise as we move into the peak months of the season. Because of this it goes without saying that the summer heat can be overwhelming and even dangerous if we don’t remember to stay cool and hydrated. This weather can also be equally […]
How to Drive Safely in the Rain
Floridians know better than most how quickly the weather can change. One moment it can be clear and a moment later it can be storming. Along with these seemingly constant weather fluctuations being incredibly inconvenient, they also put drivers at the risk of experiencing a sudden weather shift while on the road. Whether we see […]
Blog Post Throwback: Hurricane Preparedness
June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season. Are you and your loved ones prepared? Though most storms may seem relatively harmless, the weather can escalate quickly. However, despite this uncertainty there are key steps that can be taken that could benefit your safety in the event of severe weather. Monitor the weather: though this […]
Recognizing Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  We would like to take the time to recognize Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month through dedicating this blog post to sharing the story of the first Asian American lawyer in the United States, Hong Yen Chang. Hong Yen Chang who was originally from the Chinese Province Guangdong, moved to the United States […]
Four Free Ways To Support Small Businesses
Small businesses truly are the backbone of our community. Their familiar storefronts bring a sense of comfort and belonging. Without them we wouldn’t have the unique hangout spots, delicious food, and incredible stores that make Tallahassee the vibrant town that it is today. Supporting small businesses is a great way to serve our community and […]
Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Did you know that April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month? As a law firm that handles car accident-related cases, we have witnessed the irreversible suffering that can result from being distracted while behind the wheel. These tragedies serve as a constant reminder to our firm that practicing safe driving habits is paramount. This month […]