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Are There ‘Illegal’ Job Interview Questions?
When applying for a job, prospective employers may use the interview process to identify ideal candidates and eventually choose who
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American Disabilities Act (ADA) Basics You Need to Know
The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is a landmark act of Congress that has helped millions of people who
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How to Prevent Nursing Home Bedsores Before They Happen
When families commit their elder loved ones to the care of nursing homes, no matter how much due diligence they
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Steps to Take If You Suspect Your Disabled Child Has Been Harmed
One of the worst moments for the parent of a disabled child is when he or she discovers or suspects
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Is it Wise to Use Your Family Medical Leave?
Millions of working Americans rely on family and medical leave from their jobs to take care of themselves, their loved
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Tips for Protecting Your High Schooler from Juvenile Crimes
Experiencing a crime can be traumatic, whether it involves a stolen wallet or a physical assault. For parents, the experience
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Care Considerations to Discuss with Your Child’s School
We know how important it is for your child’s special needs to be addressed by his or her care provider.
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Tips for Ensuring the Safety of Your Child with Special Needs
Nothing is more important than ensuring your child with special needs is safe. When your child faces disabilities of any
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