4 Safety Tips to Celebrate Safely This July 4th Weekend

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Are you looking forward to summer celebrations such as the Fourth of July fireworks? Fourth of July can be a fun tradition, but it can be important to think about staying safe. Let us review 4 tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe this year. 

1. Obey local laws. If fireworks are illegal where you live, avoid using them. Even if they are legal in your area, keep fireworks away from children. Instead, consider taking children to public fireworks displays.

2. If allowed by local law, use fireworks safely. This can mean doing things like following all directions on all fireworks and not using them for anything other than their intended purpose. You should avoid combining or altering fireworks, or using homemade fireworks. You may also want to report illegal explosives to the nearest fire department. For the lighting of your fireworks, keep water handy, such as a hose or bucket. 

3. Most animals may be frightened by fireworks, and pets may react by running away, or destroying property. Avoid taking your pets to firework displays. Do not leave pets in a car by themselves or leave them unattended outside. If your home is not soundproof, consider leaving the television or radio on to help mask the sound of fireworks. You can also consult with your veterinarian ahead of the holiday if your pets have a tendency to overreact to loud noises. 

4. You should continue to follow the standard safety precautions that you might otherwise follow during the summer, including wearing sunscreen and a hat to protect against sunburn and skin cancer, taking care to avoid outdoor food spoilage at barbeques and picnics, and wearing insect repellant, as well as drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration and wearing life jackets when boating.

Enjoy the holiday and stay safe. We are your local, experienced, law firm! Do not hesitate to call, chat or click here to contact us today!