5 Tips for Making Safe Driving Decisions During the Holidays

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The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and celebration. Often, celebrating involves alcohol. While there is certainly nothing wrong with responsible adults enjoying holiday libations, getting behind the wheel of a car is a different story. Not only is it dangerous, but the legal consequences of a DUI can be quite serious. Long-term data also suggest that traffic fatalities spike from Thanksgiving through early January and drinking and driving is not worth the cost.

Let us share with you five tips to help make safe driving decisions during the holidays.

  1. Designated Drivers.

This is perhaps the easiest, most successful way to celebrate without taking the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol. If going to a family event, decide ahead of time if you or your spouse will drive. If enjoying a night out with friends, a designated driver is a must.

  1. Sober Ride Programs.

In addition to taxis and ride-sharing services, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a nationwide database of sober ride programs. There are a number of such services within each state. Even if you did not plan on having a few drinks after work or at a party, for example, there are plenty of options available so you do not have to drive.

  1. Legal Limit.

While abstinence may be ideal, having one or two drinks over the course of an evening does not automatically mean you are drunk and should not drive. Legally speaking, DUI’s depend on blood alcohol content. Eating food may help your body digest alcohol, but, it is not something to rely on. Know your limits and be responsible.

  1. Drive Safely.

There is never a time not to drive safely, but in the event you have had a drink make doubly sure to drive under the speed limit and follow all appropriate traffic rules. Taking unnecessary risks is not safe, and it may draw the attention of law enforcement.

  1. Pulled Over.

If you are pulled over by a police officer, be polite and comply with any reasonable requests. Talking back and being confrontational, even if you have only had one drink, may only cause problems. That said, you have rights that can be asserted if arrested, beginning with the right to remain silent.

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