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Can you believe that we are already approaching the halfway mark in 2021? Memorial Day will be here in the blink of an eye. After the challenging year of 2020, Memorial Day celebrations are sure to include a bevy of friends and family. Will your gathering include a pool, lake or other water? If so, please check out these five water safety tips for this Memorial Day. 

1. Employ or designate a lifeguard. Unfortunately, tragedies involving water can happen in seconds. If you are hosting or attending a gathering, which involves water, make sure there is a lifeguard whose only job is to monitor the water, and who is ready, willing and able to jump in and save someone. Many high school and college students are trained as lifeguards. Accordingly, through a local swim school or community word-of-mouth, you should be able to locate and hire an affordable lifeguard. When the job is finished, if the lifeguard has done an excellent job, consider offering to be a reference for him or her in acknowledgment of his or her excellent service.

2. Keep the pool fenced or the party a safe distance from the body of water. If your gathering is going to include several non-swimmers, especially those under five years of age, who may not be able to appreciate the danger of water, it can be more than worth it for the pool to have a fence around it, or if you are gathering near a lake or ocean, to hold your get-together a safe distance from the water. The partygoers will still be able to enjoy the view and can walk to the water in small groups.

3. Toddlers and non-swimmers should wear a life-vest. Even with a lifeguard, a fenced pool, or holding the gathering a safe distance from the body of water, all toddlers and any child aged non-swimmers should have a life vest on as an added precaution. If you are the host of the party, your best bet may be to include this on the invitation and to also have several life-vests available for parents to put their children in. It may certainly be a worthwhile investment.

4. Create water rules. Consider making a festive chart, which includes the water rules for your party. These may include small children wearing a life-vest, children notifying their parents before entering the water, swimming in pairs, and taking frequent rest breaks. Be sure to go over the rules with children as they arrive at your party. Children are usually more than willing to comply with the rules, as long as they know what they are.

5. Limit alcohol. Either limit the amount of alcohol served in general, or have designated sober adults at your party, as safety and alcohol generally do not mix well.

Following these safety measures can allow you to create an enjoyable and memorable Memorial Day 2021 for your guests. Last, but not least, have fun and enjoy the simple pleasure of spending time with loved ones once again. 

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