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Did you know that trauma is the leading cause of death from those aged one to 46?

As May is Trauma Awareness Month, we are joining millions of Americans in advocating for trauma awareness and education.

Unfortunately, trauma can be caused by a wide variety of injuries and violence, and those affected can have serious, long-lasting effects. To help better inform you about the impact of trauma in the United States, let us share with you a few facts about trauma this Trauma Awareness Month.

How prevalent is trauma in the United States?

An estimated 70 percent of adults in the United States have experienced a traumatic event at least once in their life. Unfortunately, without prompt and appropriate treatment, this trauma can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD affects approximately 20 percent of  American adults and is usually caused by extreme trauma. The stress caused by trauma can significantly affect the emotional, mental, and physical well-being, and in some cases, has even been shown to alter the chemistry of an affected person’s brain. This can cause those impacted to suffer from physical, psychological, and self-destructive behavior, including substance abuse and suicidal tendencies.

What is Trauma Awareness Month?

Founded by the American Trauma Society (ATS), Trauma Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about the significant trauma that injuries and violence can cause and the long-lasting effects that may arise as a result of trauma. This year’s focus is on Firearm Injury Prevention, including recognizing the types of firearm injuries and deaths, as well as prevention techniques. Sadly, firearms claim the lives of approximately eight children and 75 adults each and every day. To help combat this, it is crucial that firearm owners always practice safe handling and storage of their firearms in their homes and communities through the use of firearm locks, safes, and cases. The National Shooting Sports Association also encourages the creation and participation in firearm buyback programs. These programs allow firearm owners to get rid of unwanted firearms to promote firearm safety and prevent deaths and injuries from firearms.

These are just a few facts to help inform you about the importance of identifying and treating trauma, as well as to help promote firearm safety in theme of this Trauma Awareness Month. Do you have questions? We are your local community law firm here to help you. Do not wait to contact us at any time, day or night.