Four Reasons Why You Need A Tallahassee Criminal Defense Attorney

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Navigating the criminal justice system on your own without the guidance of a trained and experienced criminal defense attorney may have significant consequences, including loss of legal rights.  If you have been arrested for a crime in Tallahassee, or are even just under investigation for a crime in Tallahassee, here are four reasons why you should enlist the help of a Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer.  

1. A defense attorney can guide you through the investigation.  Even before any arrests are made, it may be wise to have the help of a defense attorney to advise you throughout a criminal investigation. The attorney can not only help ensure your rights are protected throughout the investigation, but can also offer advice to limit or eliminate your exposure to criminal charges.

2. A defense attorney can negotiate deals to reduce your charge or sentence. If you are arrested and charged with a criminal offense, your defense attorney may be able to negotiate on your behalf with the prosecutor and possibly obtain a lesser charge or sentence. 

3. A defense attorney understands the system and can protect your interests in court. No matter how much “Law and Order” you have watched, you may not understand the ins and outs of the system sufficient enough to make sure your interests are protected when faced with a real criminal offense. When it comes to your own life, it can be important to leave this to the professionals. The attorney can investigate, interview witnesses, engage the help of experts, and put on your best defense before the judge and jury.

4. A defense attorney has seen your situation before and can advise on the probable outcomes. A final benefit of hiring a criminal defense attorney is that, odds are, the attorney has had clients like you before and has seen how the prosecutor, judge, and jury approach issues similar to yours. One benefit of that experience may be that the attorney can give you a very realistic prediction for the outcome of your case.

Make sure when you are selecting your attorney, you select an attorney with significant experience in Tallahassee. This can help ensure that your attorney knows the prosecutors, the judges, and the nuances of local practice in Tallahassee to obtain the most favorable results for you.

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