How We Can Help Our Community This National Crime Prevention Month

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Did you know that October is National Crime Prevention Month? Since its inception in the 1980s, this month has focused on ways to prevent and reduce incidents of crime across the United States. This year, several broad themes will be the focus of the month, highlighting different types of crime that may fly under the radar for many Americans, including identity theft and other financial crimes, like credit card fraud. In addition, a week will be devoted to safe firearms storage, and another week to gang prevention.

Identity theft is one of the most common crimes impacting the young adult population, alongside credit card fraud. Identity theft may involve any type of using your personal information. Once a criminal is in possession of your identifying information, for example, your Social Security number or bank information, they can withdraw money from your bank, illicitly use your credit cards, which is also known as credit card fraud, and even file a tax return posing as you in order to obtain a refund. Many people do not realize that identity theft can also be linked to healthcare fraud, as someone using your identity can use your health insurance to obtain medical treatment and use your credit card to pay the balance. It can be critical to keep your personal information secure to avoid identity theft and credit card fraud.

Safe firearm storage is another important issue that needs more attention drawn to it. Every year, many children, as well as adults, are harmed due to improper storage of firearms inside private homes. One of the most effective ways to prevent firearms from harming your children can be to practice safe firearms storage in your own home and help educate loved ones prior to bringing your children into their homes.

Since the inception of National Crime Prevention Month, encouraging youth to get involved in the community and refrain from gang-related activity has been an essential component of awareness. Redirecting young people onto paths involving education and workforce training, rather than turning to gangs for social and financial fulfillment, both reduces crime and improves individual lives.

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