Hiring Practices You Need in the New Year

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Every business owner knows that their organization is only as good as its employees. Quality employees perform wide-ranging tasks to support the stability and growth of a company or firm, including interfacing with clients and customers. With so much riding on them, upgrading your hiring process may prove invaluable in the new year.

There is no perfect hiring process, but implementing certain practices can improve the chances of landing the type of employees who you can rely on, with minimal headaches, to boost your bottom line.

Find the Best Candidates

After identifying a position that needs to be filled, the first step is to cast a wide net for the most qualified candidates. Hiring your nephew because you already know him may be short-sighted. Instead, imagine an ideal candidate as a starting point, who could add value to your business now and grow with your vision over the long term.

Create the Right Job Description for You

The next step is to craft an attractive job description with clear-cut guidelines, expected qualifications and a competitive compensation package. Hiring is an investment in your business. Consider advertising the description across multiple mediums and do not be afraid to conduct initial interviews over the phone or through online video.

The Interview

Interviewing prospects is a way to begin weeding out non-starters and advancing top choices. One mistake may be to overly formalize interviews. You do not want people telling you what they think you want to hear. The point is to determine if the candidate is qualified and a good fit. Talented people can be hard to work with, likewise, experienced people may think they know it all. You will want someone who is qualified, teachable and a solid culture fit.

Try customizing each serious interview for the specific job that needs to be filled, and allow the candidate to become comfortable before asking tough, revealing questions. For example, if you ask whether the candidate works well under pressure, they are going to say, “yes.” So ask what makes them think they are the best person for the job. Ask who they did not get along with in their previous job and why.

Follow Through

An ideal candidate will follow through with you throughout the process. He or she will prove that he or she wants the job, not just that it would be nice to make more money. Post-interview phone calls, emails, and handwritten notes are signs that the individual goes beyond the norm to close a deal. As the business owner or hiring manager, you also have homework. Call references, for instance, and ask them for specific work examples.

Remember, the point of the hiring process is not to get it over with, but to take the time needed to find the best possible overall candidate. You do not have to settle on someone who “may” be good enough. As an employer, we are here for you to help you in your business. Do not wait to contact one of our local attorneys today for assistance in building the right employment practices that may avoid discrimination and challenges down the line.