How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help a College Athlete?

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Facing criminal charges is daunting for anyone; it can be particularly daunting for college athletes, who often face additional sanctions by college administrators and athletic departments. Have you considered the fact that a college athlete accused of a crime might be suspended from all sports-related activities during the investigation, and a conviction of a serious crime could result in expulsion or revocation of financial aid? 

When facing a criminal charge as a college athlete, it may be important to consult with your attorney as soon as possible. At many universities, student athletes may be held to a written code of conduct or code of ethics. These codes often include disciplinary procedures and consequences, which can be applied regardless of what happens in the criminal proceedings. Some schools use an elected board with a mixture of students and administrators who hear arguments from both sides before imposing sanctions, but at most schools, the athletic director decides the punishment of student athletes who are accused, charged, or convicted of a crime. Some schools also allow student athletes to return to the team after suspensions, but even a short suspension can upset the career trajectory for some college athletes, and sometimes financial aid packages cannot be restored. 

A knowledgeable attorney can help you navigate both the criminal charge, as well as the extrajudicial process through the college or university. Our experienced team of local attorneys is here to answer your questions. We know local experience matters! For more information, please reach out to our office. You may call, chat, or contact us at any time. Put our team to work for you!