How Family Caregivers Can Help a Parent Moving Into a Nursing Home

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Are you thinking of moving a parent into a nursing home? Let us take a moment to go over seven tips for making this important change:

1.  Before you choose, do your research. Finding the appropriate long-term care facility takes research. There are important differences between care homes, assisted living communities, and nursing homes. Informing yourself about which facility gives the right level of care can be a key first step.

2. Collect input and feedback from family and friends. Whenever possible, have an open discussion with family members who may be involved in the move. Family meetings can help everyone express concerns, hopes, and expectations.

3. Make space for mixed feelings. Caregivers can experience a whirlwind of emotions related to the move, such as guilt or, surprisingly, positive feelings or relief. Likewise, parents may feel a mix of emotions or worry. It can be important to give everyone involved time and space to manage their feelings.

4. Evaluate facilities closely. Make time to visit and assess several facilities before choosing the nursing home. Observe the number of staff and how they interact with residents; the living quarters; and the nursing home’s process for handling medical emergencies.

5. Determine financial support. Some states provide Medicaid coverage for certain facilities. Apply before your parent needs it since approval can take a long time. If your parent owns a home, consider renting it.

6. Plans for a smooth transition. Managing the actual move can include downsizing your parent’s current living quarters. Include time to organize and pack possessions.  

7. After the move, maintain good habits. After the move, expect that it will take time for you and your parent to get settled. Regular daily or weekly calls can help. You can also maintain good communication with the facility to keep up-to-date about your parent’s experience.   

Moving your parent into a nursing home takes research, planning, and compassion. Our attorneys can help ensure that you make the best choice based on your loved one’s particular needs and expectations. We are your local, experienced, law firm! Do not hesitate to call, chat or click here to contact us today!