How to Secure the Criminal Defense Representation You Need in the New Year

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Do you have a bevy of New Year’s resolutions entering 2021? It may be doubtful that being charged with a crime will be present on your list of resolutions or things you plan for. Should you find yourself charged with a crime, however, do you know how to secure good criminal defense representation? Let us discuss key elements to consider, when hiring a criminal defense attorney. 

  • The attorney focuses on criminal law in your geographic area. Attorneys typically practice either civil or criminal law, and you should make sure you hire an attorney whose practice focuses on criminal law, which can help assure they have the level of experience you need. They should also be geographically located in the area where you are charged with the crime, because they will likely be familiar with the court and judge your case is before. 
  • The attorney possesses experience with the crime you are charged with. Similar to the first point, the attorney should have experience with the exact crime you are charged with. This experience means the attorney should know the best strategy to approach your case in order to get the charges dropped, negotiate a plea deal, or prepare for trial.
  • The attorney’s personality is compatible with yours. Being charged with a crime can be a highly stressful period in one’s life. You should be comfortable with the person you hire. Are they accessible? Will they explain everything, including your options? What will his or her courtroom demeanor appear like? Is it the demeanor for you? Attorneys’ styles differ just as client preferences differ. Some clients prefer an attorney who is aggressive and unrelenting, while others may prefer an attorney who is confident, yet possesses comradery, or a working relationship, with the prosecutor and judge. 
  • The attorney has a good reputation. Hiring an attorney previously used by a family member or friend, who had a positive experience with the attorney is the best way to verify an attorney’s reputation. If this is not possible, however, internet reviews can also be a good source of reviewing an attorney’s reputation. 

Hopefully 2021 will not bring the need for criminal defense representation, but if it does, following these tips will lead you to the best representation. We are your local, experienced, law firm! Do not hesitate to call, chat or click here to contact us today!