Hurricane Tips for Floridians for Before and After a Hurricane Passes

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As all Floridians know, hurricanes are enormous, violent storms with the potential to cause great damage across huge swaths of land.

Staying safe during the storms is critical, but so is remaining safe after a hurricane passes. The latter is particularly important for Floridians who find themselves in the cone of destruction and are more likely to endure not just the immediate hurricane damage, but are often more vulnerable to the impact of flooding and sustained power outages.

First, Floridians with health conditions that would put them at risk if they lose electricity or air conditioning, should consider evacuating at the first sign of trouble. Consider relocating to areas where basic services can operate normally. This could include an emergency shelter, a family member’s home with a gas-powered generator, or a hotel somewhere far away from an impact zone.

If a loved one stays home, make sure he or she has a “safe room” to protect him or herself during the worst periods of a passing hurricane.

This person should also remain indoors in the aftermath to avoid dangerous situations, such as downed power lines, falling tree branches and flooded roads.

If the power goes out either during the storm, or afterwards, here are several key tips:

  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as long as possible to keep food from spoiling.
  • Place generators outside and direct the exhaust away from windows.
  • Turn off or unplug all major appliances, as they may be damaged by flooding or an electrical surge when power is restored.

Consider organizing neighborhood support networks prior to a hurricane bearing down. Checking in with neighbors and personal contacts both during and after a hurricane, is an excellent way to ensure safety and communication. Alerting others of elderly friends or neighbors who need help, especially if they are disabled, can make a critical difference in their well-being as well.

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