Make a Plan to Prepare for Disasters this National Preparedness Month

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Many of us know how devastating the effects of a disaster can be. Unfortunately, many disasters arrive with little to no warning, leaving minimal time to prepare. The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is already in full swing and has already seen the creation of various tropical storms. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is important to us.

There is no time like the present to make a plan to prepare for disasters. To help you get started, let us share with you a few disaster planning tips you may find useful this National Preparedness Month.

1. Involve your family members.

Planning for a disaster does not have to be a task that you complete alone. In fact, it is advised to involve your loved ones who may be using the preparedness plan you create in the planning process. We encourage you to take some time to discuss the following questions with your loved ones: Who is responsible for what tasks in the event of a disaster? How will we communicate with one another? What is our evacuation plan? Considering these questions ahead of time and incorporating the answers into your preparedness plan can make a difference in the event of an emergency.

2. Consider the needs of your household.

Every household has unique needs. As you prepare your plan, tailor the supplies you will need around the needs of your loved ones. If a loved one has specific dietary restrictions or a medical diagnosis, be sure to plan ahead so you will have plenty of appropriate food and medicine in the event a disaster occurs and businesses are closed. Also, we encourage you to store important documents, such as insurance policies and birth certificates, as well as cash in small bills in a secure and preferably waterproof place.

3. Practice your plan.

You may have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”. While there is no “perfect” scenario when it comes to a disaster, it is important to practice your plan with your loved ones. Once you have created your family disaster preparedness plan, do not hesitate to practice it once with your loved ones to spot any issues or missing elements. Once your plan is to your satisfaction, be sure to take some time to go through it with your loved ones, especially as hurricane season approaches.

Above all, if you have any hurricane-related concerns, do not wait to contact our office. We are the community law firm here for you 24/7 to schedule a free case evaluation so that we may assist you with your hurricane insurance related questions.