New Bill May Allow Your Florida Marijuana Conviction To Be Erased

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Did you know that lawmakers in Florida are considering a bill, Senate Bill 468, that would allow some convictions for marijuana to be erased? Citizens with even the most minor of marijuana convictions are left with a stain of that conviction on their record for many years. This may prohibit them from obtaining their desired housing, employment, and even professional license.  Lawmakers in favor of the bill view the stain of a marijuana conviction in Florida as particularly unfair because at least 34 states have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational use.  

While proponents of the bill wish the legislation would erase more marijuana convictions than it does, there are many lawmakers who oppose the legalization of marijuana and will not pass a bill erasing marijuana convictions without limitations. Those limitations include limiting the pool of individuals able to apply for erasure under the bill to those arrested for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and requiring that the offense be the only offense for which the individual was convicted.  

If you have a marijuana conviction in Florida, contact an attorney to find out whether you will be eligible to have that conviction erased from your record if this bill passes. An attorney who practices in Florida will be able to review your case and help you understand whether you qualify. The attorney will also be able to assist you in navigating the process, including filing a petition for expungement.  

Although there are many in Florida who may still oppose leniency or forgiveness of marijuana convictions, this bill has bipartisan support and has moved further than any other recent bill of its kind. Try to remain in touch with an attorney about this bill so that you are ready to move forward and have your conviction erased if it passes and you are eligible.

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