Employment Discrimination Lawyers


After many unfortunate situations of abuse that have taken place over the years, our government has passed laws to protect the rights of workers from harassment and discrimination. While these laws and regulations have made improvements, the workplace is still not perfect, and unacceptable behavior still takes place.

At Brooks, LeBoeuf, Foster & Gwartney we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and respected in the workplace. Because of this, it is always our goal to seek justice for those whose rights have been violated. Whether you are an employer who has been wrongfully accused of improper conduct, or an employee who has been the subject of wrongful conduct by an employer, our employment law attorneys believe you have too much at stake not to protect your legal rights.


Most of us will spend a large portion of our lives working, and whether you are an employer or an employee, you deserve to feel valued and have your rights respected.

Over the years our team of employment law attorneys have represented employees who have been discriminated against or wrongfully terminated, as well as employers who have been accused of discriminating against current or former employees in both State and Federal Court. Our attorneys have handled cases involving all types of employment discrimination and are ready to help you!

Common types of discrimination that can be found in the workplace:

  • Age discrimination
  • Race discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Unpaid wage and overtime claims
  • Sexual harassment or assault
  • Disability rights
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Retaliation claims
  • Severance agreements
  • Family and medical leave act (FMLA) claims
If you believe you are a victim of workplace discrimination or abuse do not hesitate! Allow our employment attorneys to review your case and help you navigate your employment law claim. With 100 years of combined experience our Florida attorneys are ready to fight for your rights in the workplace. Contact our office to schedule a free initial case evaluation with one of our employment lawyers today!