How to Protect Yourself From The Dangers of Dating Apps

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Are there real dangers of dating apps today? These digital tools are a convenient way to find potential relationship partners in your area and talk with them from the comfort of your own phone. With the swipe of your finger, you have the opportunity to match with people, set up dates and have good conversation.


Although online dating can seem like the ideal tool for finding love, there are some very real dangers of dating apps you must acknowledge.



1. Release of private information. Dating apps are designed to ask many informational questions.  You can add a caption about your age, hometown, dog’s name, favorite food, and much more, plus one or more photos of you. While this information is designed to help you connect with people, you want to be careful how much information you release.


Release of private information can be one of the very real dangers of dating apps.


Take the time to read the company’s privacy policies to understand how it will release your information and who it will provide it to. Also, try to err on the side of caution when it comes to releasing your private information.


2. Beware of catfishing. Dating apps may have good intentions but, sometimes, the people who use them do not. The act of catfishing someone means to create a false profile and pretend to be someone you are not. Therefore, when people respond to this profile, they believe the person they are interacting with is someone different than he or she claims to be. This is another one of the very real dangers of dating apps as because it is a blatant lie and can hurt someone’s feelings if he or she begins to fall for someone who does not exist.


3. Meeting up with strangers. Since we were children, we have been conditioned not to talk to strangers. As we have gotten older, however, most of us have loosened the reins a bit. This does not mean, however, that meeting up with people you do not know is safe. It is easy for dangerous people to portray themselves on social media as friendly and nice, and then take advantage of you once you meet in person. Be sure to be cautious whenever you meet someone you meet online.


While using dating apps can be fun and lead to new relationships, be sure to protect yourself. Be careful if you agree to meet someone that you have only met online and take precautions with regard to the private information you release. Taking a friend with you, meeting in a public place, and telling others where you are going, are all critical steps to take to make sure you remain safe. Remember, to be safe this Valentine’s Day! We are your Tallahassee law firm and are here to represent you when you need it.