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The diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the most horrifying to receive. This form of cancer can appear in anyone with breast cells and tissues. Contrary to popular belief it is a diagnosis that not only women receive, but men as well, although the number of those impacted is far less. In fact, the National Breast Cancer Foundation shares that “less than one percent of all breast cancer cases develop in men, and one in a thousand men will ever be diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Did you know, in addition to the belief that men cannot get breast cancer, there are a number of prevalent myths surrounding this form of cancer? As we seek to encourage good education on this important topic, quiz yourself. Did you know, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the following four statements are myths?

  1. Consuming dairy can cause this form of cancer.
  2. Mammograms spread cancer cells.
  3. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you will get it.
  4. Breast cancer is contagious.

There remain a number of tools, resources, and forms of support that we want to share with you in this timely blog. Consider taking part in, or sharing with those you love, any of the following:

  • Accessing, participating, or donating to the National Mammography Program which provides free mammograms to those in need.
  • Reaching out to or providing your own hair to make a donation to programs across the nation such as Locks of Love.
  • Engaging with “Beyond The Shock”. This is an initiative with a dedicated 24 hour a day online support group where breast cancer survivors are available to answer questions, provide support, and create a strong community for new patients. 
  • Participating in the GriefShare program. This support program is for people who have experienced the loss of a loved one and need support. 

Breast cancer remains one of the most horrible diagnoses anyone can receive. Know that you are not alone. Turn to those you love for support, education, and help. Always remember that we are your local community law firm committed to you and ensuring you have the best representation you need at every turn.