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Majority of us drive every day, so often that we can forget the risks that are taken each time we get behind the wheel. According to preliminary data provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Crash Dashboard roughly 261,353 motor vehicle accidents have occurred in 2021 alone. This number should encourage all of us to practice safe driving. Our actions can affect not only our safety, but the safety of others on the road. Keeping this in mind we would like to provide a couple tips that might help you and your loved ones be more vigilant while behind the wheel. 

  •  Eliminate all distractions: when you are driving it should take up the entirety of your attention. Avoid eating, putting on makeup, or any other tasks that take your focus. Keep your electronic devices where they will not call away your eyes from the road. Prevent common diversions that can come from the center console by setting the air conditioning and radio to your desired setting and have everything within reach before you begin driving. With as many common distractions eliminated as possible safe driving will be easier to practice. 
  • Know your Route: safe driving doesn’t always start just when you get behind the wheel. When you take a trip to an unknown area be sure to review your route before the drive begins. Take time to review your map and memorize the landmarks and highways that you will be passing so that you will be able to navigate calmly even if your GPS stops working.
  • The Proper Tools: be sure that you have the necessary tools to drive safely such as working headlights, properly positioned mirrors, any necessary eyewear such as glasses, sunglasses, or contacts, as well as proper shoes. It is also a good idea to have accessories that will help you if you were to get in an accident or dangerous situation such as a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker, flashlight, blanket, jumper cables, etc. All these tools will allow you to be as prepared as possible for common dangers along the road. 
  • Be Aware: one of the most difficult aspects of driving is the fact that others are not always paying attention. That is why it is your responsibility as a safe driver to pay attention to those around you. Especially in areas of high traffic such as parking lots, highways, and school zones. Paying attention to those who may not be could possibly save you both from harm. 
  • Have proper documentation and insurance: always have your updated car insurance information and vehicle registration in an easy to locate spot in your car where it can be retrieved if a situation arises where it is needed. This could potentially make any situation where this information is required go more smoothly.

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