Steps to Take If You Are Fired for Marijuana Use

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Did you know that, despite an increasing number of states legalizing medical marijuana, it remains a “schedule 1” narcotic at the federal level? This conflict in state and federal law has caused problems for employers and employees, sometimes resulting in the unfair firing of a good employee. If you have been fired for marijuana use, there are steps you should consider taking right away.

First, try to remain calm. Being confronted by an employer and subsequently terminated for marijuan use may be overwhelming and cause some strong emotions to rise quickly to the surface. Refrain from acting on any negative feelings against your employer as it is likely to lead to doing more harm than good.

You may want the next step you take to be contacting an attorney with experience in employment law. Your attorney can help you weigh any offers from the employer, negotiate for severance, and evaluate your claim for wrongful termination. You should also consider a request to view your personnel file from your employer. Any offers and terms your employer may have made as part of the termination process should be put in writing and you should try to gather as many details about the reasons for your termination and who made the decision to fire you. If there is an employee handbook, get a copy of this as well.

Discuss your options with your attorney. Your next step might be to file a complaint with the appropriate regulatory agency, like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or your state’s equivalent office, or it might be time to file a lawsuit. 

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