Tips on Monitoring Seniors in an ALF During COVID-19

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Why has the Covid-19 pandemic hit seniors in assisted living facilities (ALFs) particularly hard? The greater susceptibility of seniors to the novel Coronavirus means that many ALFs have closed their doors to all visitors, including family members. This can be particularly difficult for family members used to regular check-ins with loved ones, both on a social and emotional level for the senior family member and with regards to being assured of his or her safety. Thankfully, there are senior alert systems that can be used to help monitor your senior family member during Covid-19 to help ensure their safety from afar. ALFs may also find the use of senior monitoring devices useful to help ensure safety within their own facility.

 Let us take a look at some of the monitoring devices available.

1. Security Camera. The most basic choice, but also one that can be most invasive into your loved one’s privacy, is a security camera like a Nest or Amazon Cam. These can allow 24/7 monitoring to ensure your senior’s safety. These may be more commonly used in public areas in an ALF. If you would rather not have a direct camera in your senior’s living quarters, there may be other options like the monitoring systems below.

2. Rest Assured. Rest Assured is unique among senior monitoring services because its aides can provide occasional remote wellness checks. This can be particularly helpful during a pandemic due to ALFs being closed to outside visitors. When using a Rest Assured monitor, family members have access to either live videos or sensor alerts through a secure online portal. The portal can assist with medication management, reminding your senior family member at the times of day when they need to take medication. The monitor itself can detect motion, the opening of doors and windows, carbon monoxide, smoke, unusual temperatures, broken glass, and occupancy of a bed or chair.

 3. Tru Sense. Tru Sense is a passive monitoring system that uses connected sensors to operate. You can set alerts to monitor your senior family member’s sleeping patterns and their use of different rooms via the opening of doors. The system will also detect swings in indoor temperature, water leaks, and motion that could indicate a fall. The up-to-date technology allows for alerts to be sent by text, e-mail, or voicemail. An emergency response team is also connected in the event of an accident or an intruder missed by the ALF.

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