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Are you in need of legal representation during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic? If so, you may be concerned about whether you will have the same number of attorneys to choose from to handle your case, if your chosen attorney will be prepared to assist you with what you need despite health and safety restrictions in place, and even whether you will be able to have your “day in court” if that is what is required. Our firm wants to assure you that we are here for you during the pandemic and available to represent you in spite of current challenges.

While in the early days of the Covid-19 crisis many courts may have been closed for all but emergency business, things may be slowly coming together to ensure that the backlog of cases built up in the first few months will be heard, and new processes for handling legal matters moving forward are emerging. Here in Florida, the courts are adapting to conducting many cases virtually, which can come with benefits and drawbacks. For many people involved in litigation, remote court matters can be easier to schedule because you will need to take less time off of work and perhaps arrange shorter hours for childcare, since there is no need to build in travel time or a waiting-room period. Of course, while awaiting vaccinations, participating in your court case remotely will also be a safer choice than crowding into a courtroom.

You may be worried about the drawbacks of a remote legal matter, including difficulties you may experience using the technology required to participate. Rest assured that our firm can assist you in this and even conduct practice hearings with you remotely until you are comfortable and feel prepared. We are your local, experienced, law firm! Do not hesitate to call, chat or click here to contact us today!