What Are the Top Three DUI Arrest Charges in Florida?

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When it comes to driving under the influence, a DUI conviction in the State of Florida can be serious business. Do you know how the top three DUI arrest charges in Florida work? Let us discuss them and how they can create a lifetime of problems.

  • First Offense. In Florida, DUIs are charged by the number of times you have been convicted for a DUI. For a first time DUI, fines will vary between $500-2,000. You are also subject to a mandatory 50 hours of community service, a possible license suspension from 180 to 365 days, probation, and even jail time at the court’s discretion. It will also be necessary to attend DUI school to have your license reinstated.
  • Second Offense. If you are convicted of a second DUI within five years after your first, you will be subject to harsher penalties, including mandatory jail time, a $1,000-2000 fine and license suspension for a minimum of five-years, an ignition interlock system for at least one year, and community service.
  • Third Offense. Understandably, with each DUI offense, the penalties will continue to grow. A third DUI offense comes with a fine of $2,000-5000, a 30 day minimum jail sentence, license suspension of a minimum of 10 years with the risk that you will be deemed a habitual offender and have your license permanently revoked, an ignition interlock system for a minimum of two years, and community service.

Further, dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the DUI arrest and charges, you could potentially be subject to stronger charges, such as an aggravated DUI for a blood alcohol level greater than .15, a DUI with property damage or injury of another person, or even DUI manslaughter. You will also likely be subject to harsher penalties for having a minor in your vehicle.

Additionally, a DUI conviction will remain on your record with the potential to tarnish your reputation and harm your ability to earn a living. If you have been charged with a DUI, it can be imperative that you contact an experienced DUI attorney immediately. Time is of the essence in creating a strong defense to protect you and your family from the long-term ramifications of a DUI conviction.

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