What Should I Do If I Face a Discrimination Claim?

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Employers face challenges each day. From hiring the right people for the job to training them for their position to evaluating their ongoing performance, there is much to do in the management of the workplace each day. Management tools, such as processes and manuals, can help employers educate, manage and evaluate their employees.  


Planning in advance can help both employers and employees succeed in their business relationship. Employers can use management tools to create policies, responsibilities, and clear instructions to potentially reduce employee conflict. For example, an office manual that includes information on hiring policies, dress code requirements, and hours of operation, will not only help your office run more efficiently by outlining procedures but also set expectations.


The office manual can contain procedures for how issues will be handled. It informs employees on how to seek assistance if an issue arises. Creating a basis for communication through your employee manual helps employees understand they can come to you or supervisor to report problems or conflicts that arise.


What should an employer do, however, when an employee claims that he or she experienced discrimination in the workplace? This is a serious allegation and employers need to treat it as such. When an employer learns that a claim may be reported or has been filed, it is critical to meet with an employment discrimination attorney as soon as possible.


Time is of the essence. Employers should not put off addressing what has happened in the workplace. Whether you have an employment lawyer on retainer or will need to meet with one for the first time, do not wait to schedule this meeting. In preparing for the meeting, ask your attorney what he or she needs you to do to prepare for the meeting. Office communications, the employee manual, job descriptions, and other types of documentation are all essential to share and have readily available.


You want to be able to provide your attorney a clear description of what has happened. Remember, discrimination can take many forms. Allegations of racial discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual harassment or ageism, are just a few of the issues you could face as an employer. If you believe that an employee has an employment discrimination issue, do not wait to contact a member of our experienced legal team. We are here to represent Tallahassee employers in their potential employment discrimination issues.