What Should You Do If You Have Violated Your Probation In Leon County?

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Did you know that probation can be ordered to give a criminal offender the opportunity to serve some or all of his or her sentence outside of prison? When you are placed on probation in Leon County, Florida, you will be assigned a probation officer who will discuss the conditions of your probation with you and be responsible for ensuring your compliance with those conditions.

Florida law identifies some general conditions of probation, including reporting to a probation officer at a designated place and time, obtaining suitable employment, refraining from breaking any law, submitting to random drug or alcohol testing, and not associating with persons engaged in criminal activities. The judge may impose additional conditions not listed in the general conditions outlined by the Florida legislature depending on the specific case.  

If you violate any of the conditions of your probation, your probation officer can file an affidavit alleging that there has been a violation of probation and a warrant may be issued for your arrest. The law expects strict compliance with probation conditions which means that even a seemingly minor violation of your probation can get you into some serious trouble. Accordingly, it can be very important that you contact an experienced defense attorney who practices in Leon County to remedy your probation violation as soon as possible. Your lawyer can represent you at any hearings before your probation officer or a judge and, many times, you can avoid arrest or other sanctions if you are able to file a Notice of Compliance promptly certifying that you have satisfied the condition or conditions violated. 

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