Why We Love Our Staff! (Happy Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week)

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Every day, administrative assistants keep companies and offices afloat. These individuals work tirelessly to provide businesses with organization, communication and administration. While often administrative assistants and secretaries receive little credit for their work, they truly are the backbones of businesses like ours.


Each April, during the last week, we celebrate Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week. This week highlights the important role all administrative professionals in all sectors of the modern economy worldwide have on our companies and businesses. It recognizes the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists and other administrative support professionals.


You can show your appreciation for your staff during this week by writing thank you notes, sending flowers or gift baskets, or hosting luncheons. This job, however, truly deserves appreciation and recognition 365 days per year. We know in our law practice we just can’t say thank you enough!


We love our law practice team for many reasons. While the tasks in these positions have changed throughout the years, as well as qualifications and responsibilities, these individuals remain vital to the success of the organization. A truly effective administrative assistant is worth his or her weight in gold. They typically have a high-stress tolerance, are extremely self-regulating, are supremely reliable, can quickly and easily solve problems and are very organized. Because of this, our office runs smoothly and the day-to-day stress is greatly reduced.


These individuals provide support to attorneys, other employees and office visitors. In addition, they handle a variety of tasks and ensure all interactions between the organization and the public are positive. In other words, they are the face of the organization to the general public. Many times, they remain positive even in the face of adversity.


We would encourage you that if you work in an office with any type of administrative assistant, be sure to never take their work for granted. We try each day to make sure this is the case in our practice! If your assistants help you with any type of project, be sure to thank them for their efforts. Even the smallest of their contributions should be thanked because they typically have a large impact on the organization as a whole.


We are so appreciative of our administrative staff. Happy Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week to you and yours!