Why You Need a Hurricane Insurance Claim Attorney

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Hurricanes are devastating natural disasters that are large enough to ravage entire states, and cause billions of dollars in property damage. This does not even begin to cover the untold harm to human lives.

Every year, millions of people are randomly affected by these dangerous mega-storms, and surviving is only the first step. Through no fault of their own, after the storm has passed, people must begin the process of picking up the pieces of their lives, quite literally. Homes, businesses, and sometimes entire communities, can be damaged or completely destroyed.

It is worth considering what you would do given the trauma of a collapsed roof or toxic flood occurring in the midst of a prolonged power outage. Contacting your insurance company would be a critical first step, but not an easy one. Policyholders are inherently at a disadvantage due to their circumstances, and a lack of general knowledge about their coverage rights can lead to smaller, or even invalidated, recovery claims.

Even if homeowners faithfully pay their insurance premiums every month, it is no guarantee that their insurer will do the right thing and pay a full hurricane claim. Unfortunately, many insurers are self-interested and sometimes act in bad faith or hide behind minor technicalities. They sometimes offer undervalued repair estimates, use their leverage to force a desirable settlement, or require a signed release of other financial responsibilities to receive an initial payment.

A qualified hurricane attorney is a huge asset in these scenarios. If you have experienced hurricane damage, or if you anticipate needing to file an insurance claim for damages at some point in the future, obtaining guidance and representation from a hurricane lawyer can bring about the best possible outcomes under your insurance policies.

Attorneys experienced in handling hurricane-related property damage would primarily deal with insurance claims on your behalf. As local experts familiar with the claims process, we can prepare and file the necessary paperwork to achieve optimal results in the least amount of time. Attorneys, like us, who specialize in hurricane insurance claims understand just how important it is to work with a trusted network of adjusters, contractors and other professionals who can place dollar amounts on your damages. This way you do not have to solely rely on your insurance company’s appraisal.

In addition, this can save money as claims can be prepared in the most favorable terms, and with the authority of lawyer. Most importantly, skilled representation can deliver the peace of mind you deserve so you can focus on other things, like your health and the well-being of your family. Do not wait to contact an experienced, local attorney on our hurricane insurance claims team today.