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What is a Ponzi Scheme?
In 1919, a man named Charles Ponzi founded a firm known as the Securities Exchange Company, where he promised investors 50 percent returns within 45 days, or a whopping 100 percent return within 90 days. Due to his previous business successes, investors flocked to the new venture. Who wouldn’t want an astronomical return with very […]
Why Is There More Child Crime in the Summer?
Summer is arguably the best time of the year in Florida. Outdoor sports, trips to the beach, backyard barbeques, and the joys of nature are in full swing. If it can be done outside, summer is the time to do it. Unfortunately, the summer heat also coincides with an uptick in crime – particularly with […]
4 Ways to Hold Employees Accountable Without Hurting Your Business
Businesses cannot function if employees simply aren’t doing what they’ve been hired to do. Worse, but seen all too frequently, is when employees are not only failing to perform their job but creating problems for others who are. Most managers and business owners act quickly when there is an issue. They have the wherewithal, and […]
4 Ways to Successfully Manage Family at Work
Where does your workforce come from? Do you hire solely from a pool of potential employees you do not know or do employ family members? We represent a number of employers who do employ family members. While working with family members comes with certain advantages, notably a familiarity that tends toward a high-trust relationship. Should […]
What is a No Contest Plea in Florida and Is it Right for Me?
We’ve all seen episodes of courtroom dramas where a suspicious character admits to a crime on the witness stand, thanks to the efforts of a crafty, good-guy lawyer. “Guilty,” the jury foreman says, prompting courtroom commotion and the judge to pound her gavel. The impression is that beyond a guilty verdict, or guilty plea when […]
Is Pretrial Intervention in My Best Interest?
Pretrial intervention programs exist to keep people out of prison. They are run by State Attorneys’ offices and are designed to divert otherwise law-abiding citizens who make mistakes out of the thrust of the criminal justice system. The programs usually entail community service hours, fines, fees and counseling courses, and are offered to people with […]
5 Tips to Stay Safe When Riding a Motorcycle
The wind in your hair. The open road. A sense of freedom that leaves the grind of everyday life behind in the dust. This is how many enthusiasts describe the experience of riding a motorcycle. The flip-side of this beautiful picture is that motorcycles are dangerous. It’s seemingly the first thing someone says when the […]
Help Us Help Beautiful Lengths
We love our community and are constantly looking for more ways to help it. When our office manager, Lauren Heitmeyer, cuts her long locks, we know what it means: a donation to Beautiful Lengths! Through this amazing program, the hair is used to create wigs, free of charge, for women battling cancer. Lauren has donated […]
Here’s 5 Tips to Safely Celebrate with Fireworks
Fireworks are amazing fun, especially when celebrating holiday events such as the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. Giant concussive explosions with glittering, colorful displays often light-up the nighttime holiday skies in city-centers, public parks, and at beaches across the country. Firework shows can be impressive and fulfilling sights. But it doesn’t take much […]