Our Commitment to You and Your Family

There are so many law firms you can choose from today. On almost every street corner and billboard, there’s another law firm marketing to you. Many of whom do not have offices remotely near Tallahassee.

That’s one of the ways we are different.

We live here. We work here. Our commitment, as well as our heart and mind and home, is to this city. When we talk about making our streets safer, those are our streets. When we advocate to end human trafficking, those are our kids we want coming home at night.

With over one hundred combined years here in Tallahassee, you know us. Chances are we went to high school together, our kids played on the same little league team and your son or daughter received our scholarship to go to college.

We know, more than anything, it is working with you right here in Tallahassee that makes us successful. Not the billboard, not the website, not the commercial, it’s the fact that when you see us out grocery shopping on Saturday you can share what happened this week. The good and the bad. The fact that when you need an advocate you can trust, you don’t have to rely on a stranger, you can just walk over to our table at lunch and tell us what you need.

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