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Learn More About the Opioid Crisis from Ryan Hobbs
Our own attorney Ryan Hobbs’ opinion piece was just featured in the Tallahassee Democrat! It is titled Time to Hold Big Pharma Responsible for the Opioid Crisis.  You can read the full article by clicking this link. Ryan is representing the mental health entities together with Oscar Price of the Price Armstrong firm in Birmingham, Alabama. […]
Why We Love Our Staff! (Happy Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week)
Every day, administrative assistants keep companies and offices afloat. These individuals work tirelessly to provide businesses with organization, communication and administration. While often administrative assistants and secretaries receive little credit for their work, they truly are the backbones of businesses like ours.   Each April, during the last week, we celebrate Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week. […]
6 Tips to Protect You From Sexual Assault on College Campuses
Unfortunately, sexual assault on college campuses still occurs today. Sexual assault on college campuses can take place anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Research shows, however, that there is a continuing increase of reported sexual assault on college campuses. There are a number of factors that are believed to lead to the increase in these attacks. There is no […]
Racial Discrimination Is Real, Even When It Is Subtle
While our society continues to make positive strides in recent years, racism and racial discrimination is still prevalent in the workplace. While it may be less obvious and less overt, it still occurs. We understand this is a continuing concern and see it in the cases we help our clients face.   The key is […]
What Could Happen To Me If I Violate My Probation?
When you violate your probation, you are breaking the terms and conditions of your agreement. There are many different ways one can violate probation including, but not limited to, failing to appear at a scheduled court date, not reporting to your probation officer when necessary, and not paying fines as ordered by court. You may […]
How Do I Protect Myself From Sexual Assault at Work
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This cause strives to bring public awareness to and shed light on sexual assault.  One of the goals of the outreach during this month is to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual assault at work.   While as a society we continue to make strides to […]
3 Real World Examples of Employment Discrimination
Employment discrimination is still a common and recurring theme within the workplace. It can come in many forms, be extremely overt, quietly subtle, or fall somewhere in between. If a member of a protected class is treated differently than his or her peers without proper cause, however, employment discrimination may be at play.   Do […]
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