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Tips You Need This National Heatstroke Prevention Day
Did you know that vehicular-related heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash related fatalities for children 14 and younger? As July 31st is National Heatstroke Prevention Day, we are joining millions of Americans in bringing awareness to this important issue. Many people think that heatstroke only occurs after exposure to extreme heat for a long […]
Did You Know The American Red Cross Has Resources Available For You?
As a state that is impacted by hurricanes, did you know that the American Red Cross has many resources available for you? Many of us have seen or experienced the devastating aftermath of hurricanes in Florida. Unfortunately, these negative effects tend to be worse through a lack of preparation ahead of time. As hurricane season […]
Vehicle Theft Prevention Month
Did you know that approximately 770,000 drivers fall victim to vehicle theft each year? Unfortunately, vehicle theft is a lucrative crime and one that occurs most often during the summer months. A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the cost of stolen vehicles totaled $6 billion in 2017 alone, and […]
The Recipient of the 2019 Freedom Scholarship
We are pleased to announce that Katherine Resavage, a 2019 Leon High School graduate, has become the nineteenth recipient of our firm’s annual freedom scholarship essay contest. Each year, our essay contest has grown more popular with students throughout Leon, Wakulla, Gadsden and Jefferson counties. In an effort to promote education and awareness of American […]
How to Protect Your Home as Crime Rises in the Summer Months
Did you know that crime rates are higher in the summer months than during any other time of the year? Research tells us that crime rates tend to be lower in the fall and winter, while peaking in the summer. A study conducted by the United States Justice Department indicates that, in some larger cities, […]
Hurricane Tips for Floridians for Before and After a Hurricane Passes
As all Floridians know, hurricanes are enormous, violent storms with the potential to cause great damage across huge swaths of land. Staying safe during the storms is critical, but so is remaining safe after a hurricane passes. The latter is particularly important for Floridians who find themselves in the cone of destruction and are more […]
Should a Nursing Home Have a Security Camera?
When an Older American moves into a nursing home or assisted living facility, it can be challenging for all parties involved. For the Older American, he or she must learn to adapt to a new lifestyle and surroundings. For his or her loved ones, worries may plague their minds, concerned that their senior loved one […]
What You Need to Know About Florida’s New Texting and Driving Law
Did you know that 50,000 accidents and 233 deaths were caused by distracted driving in Florida in 2016 alone? Most of us know the devastating consequences that texting and driving can have on the roads. Up until now, Florida had remained silent legislatively on this serious issue. Monday, July 1st, however, represents more than just […]
Tips to Stay Safe During the Fourth of July
The Fourth of July is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, cooking outdoors, and watching fireworks. While the day is typically a celebration, unfortunately, a number of accidents are also known to occur. Did you know, for example, that approximately 50,000 fires are caused by fireworks each year? Not to mention, […]